As you have successfully found Time and Tide Wait for No Man (well done and thank you) there is a high probability that what gets your motor running is travel, adventure and new experiences. Adventure does not have to include parachutes, white water or pieces of elastic tied to ridiculously high bridges, and it does not need to be dramatic or unique. You may want to see India or you may want to eat ice cream on Bournemouth Pier, it doesn’t matter. Anything new to you is an adventure. You just need to work out what excites you most and go for it – and don’t worry if others think your dream destination is touristy or old hat, you aren’t inviting them!

As Bob Dylan may have mentioned, ‘the times they are a-changin’, and the way we think about travel is changing right along with it. Whilst package holidays are convenient and generally hassle free, for those that have the inclination and know how, almost everywhere on this beautiful planet is now accessible and it can all be planned from your sofa with relative ease.

With that in mind, I intend to bring you inspiration for all sorts of travel destinations and experiences. I will not stick to a specific travel style. Although my South America adventure will be lightweight backpacking with budget hotels and hostels, other journeys are a mixture of styles and accommodations. I also intend to inspire you to make those ‘someday’ dreams happen now rather than waiting until it is too late. Hopefully my experiences will inspire you to find a way to do something similar, whether it be travel near and far or making a lifestyle change. With luck we may be able to have a laugh along the way.

Whilst it will feature my experiences this site isn’t really about me, it’s about helping you find and fulfil your dream. So find your dream and make it happen.



About me                              

Hi, my name is Richard and I am finally beginning to fulfil my dream to see more of this wonderful planet we all live on. It’s not just about the travel, I also plan to re-evaluate my life and determine how I can live it on my terms and not someone else’s.

How did all this come about? Well, as with most people’s lives, the full story quickly becomes convoluted and would take more than a page to tell, but to put it in a nut shell, I reached midlife.

I find myself in a position where my daughter has grown up and become (mostly) independent, other responsibilities and commitments can be put aside and managed, allowing me the freedom to take stock and make changes to my lifestyle. Before finishing full time work a couple of months back, I was completely disenchanted with the daily 9-5 stress, out of shape and seemed to find a new ache every month. Since finishing full time work (for someone else) my stress levels have dropped away, I have made some progress on my fitness and I will shortly head off for a 15 week trip to Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador that has been a long time in the planning.

On leaving school I went straight into work and have worked continuously ever since, slowly getting sucked deeper into the rat race along with everyone else: a loan to buy a car, taking out a mortgage and getting trapped in the negative equity of the nineties, starting a family, up-sizing to a house with a garden close to a good school. Through it all, work, work longer hours, work and college, work, stress and more work. Build a career, progress from the shop floor to the office and end up running a small company (for someone else). All well considered at the time, but becoming increasingly overshadowed by a growing sense of wrongness. The voice in my head whispering louder and louder, ‘Life shouldn’t be laid out in a rigid pattern with someone else controlling your life 8-5 Monday to Friday (or longer), saying when you can and can’t take time to do stuff and that you need to do it until you are 65, 66, 67. It is bullshit of the highest order. You are living in society’s self-made version of ‘The Matrix’. It’s time to make a change!’

….. So that’s what I am doing.


About the Phrase ‘Time and Tide Wait for No Man’

The origin of the phrase is uncertain, but there are versions dating back to at least 1225. It conjures up images of passing time and the certainty of the rising and falling of the sea, but this is not thought to be the original meaning. The ‘time’ part was as we think of it now, but the ‘tide’ part is generally thought to relate to seasons, time and events, as in wintertide, eventide and good tidings. As ‘tides’ (the rising and falling of the sea type) occur at a fixed period (about twice per day) it seems that the meanings of ‘tide’ are very similar and it doesn’t really change the message of the phrase, at least to my mind. If any budding etymologists think differently, I suggest they all meet up in a car park somewhere and have a good old fashioned punch up. Last man standing can send me an email.